How to: Frame Your Prints and Photographs

The frame on your art is like the cherry on top of a sundae. If you don’t like maraschino cherries, bear with me. A frame is the final addition to art that makes the whole package complete. Although it requires some forethought, framing your art can be a fun exercise in personal style.

Start with the piece you want framed. For now, we are talking about flat works on paper like prints and photographs.

The UGallery tradition is to get custom cut mats fitted to ready-made frames. The team starts with a trip to any home décor store to pick out the frame! Make sure to buy a frame that is bigger than the piece, so you have room to play. Ready-made frames come in all shapes and sizes. Explore and have fun with your selection.

Once you find the frame that speaks to your soul, it’s time to get a mat. Custom cut mats will look sophisticated and clean. A local frame shop or art store should be able to cut a mat for you on the spot! Make sure to bring the frame and the artwork with you, so they can measure correctly. When the store is finished making your mat, ask them to tape the print or photograph to the mat.

Once you have your mat, frame, and art in one place, you’re ready to go. Open the frame, wipe the glass free of dust and insert the mat and art inside. Add the back of the frame last and secure some of the fastens. Check the front to make sure it is dust-free before completely securing the back. If it looks good, close all the latches on the back and get ready to hang!

Do you have more questions about framing your art? Email with any questions and we will help you out.