How to: Frame an Original Painting

We’ve talked about framing and matting photographs: easy peasy. Framing an original painting can be just as easy (if not easier). So, how do you frame works on canvas? Here is a break down:

1. Research.

Do research on your framing options. Find local framers and read their reviews. A good framer is, in a way, an artist. Make sure they fit into your budget and are willing to help you decide on certain aspects. It may be helpful to find out their return policy. Are they willing to redo your frame if you don’t like the results? These are all important considerations. You can call multiple framers with the dimensions of your piece and ask for a quote over the phone.

2. Decide the composition.

There are two main framing options to choose:

Plain frame – This is a simple and classic style of framing. Choose your favorite frame according to size, color, or style and have the frame attached directly to your piece!

Frame with a linen lining

Linen lining – The linen lining is an additional layer that separates the frame from the canvas. It acts as the mat and can give art more breathing room.

These choices are the two traditional methods of framing. It’s up to your own tastes whether to add the linen lining or not.

3. Check the finished product before you bring it home.

When you pick up your art make sure it is assembled carefully and ready to hang on your wall.

Keep in mind that if your painting is gallery-wrapped it may not need a frame. A gallery-wrapped painting has no staples or nails on its edge. It’s ready to hang as-is!

If you are DIY-junkie, check out this video on framing a piece of art on your own or even this article on the possibilities of DIY.

I hope your framing experience is as easy as pie.