Homemade Limericks

Artwork:  Joy  by Mary Pratt, oil painting

Artwork: Joy by Mary Pratt, oil painting

It's Literary Week here at UGallery and all week our curators will be combining the joys of language with the joys of art.  Enjoy our favorite summertime artworks, each paired with a homemade limerick. 




Breakfast For Two
As soon as Lacy would awaken
She’d say, “If I’m not mistaken,
A meal’s not too shabby
When shared with a tabby.”
But then, he ate all the bacon.


Artwork: Breakfast For Two by Oksana Johnson, oil painting




Wild Life
Pat took her cat on vacation
To a far off, tropical nation.
In her suitcase, he traveled.
All her clothes, he unraveled.
Now her hems are a fringy serration.  

Artwork: Wild Life by Diana Rosa, acrylic painting





Middle Table Meeting
There once was a man named Skip,
Whose coffee club loved gossip.
He was rather naïve
When he’d get up and leave
And become the group’s very next topic.

Artwork: Middle Table Meeting by Glenn Quist


Evening In A Bar
Jane spent her nights The Diamond Saloon.
No luck in love, she thought she was immune.
Then a dapper man strolled in
With a watch that was golden.  
Save the date for the wedding next June.

Artwork: Evening In A Bar by Diana Elena Chelaru, acrylic painting


Se Vende Pipa
There once was a man from Seville,
Who sold coconut water until
His cart gained velocity
With such great ferocity
And went careening downhill.


Artwork: Se Vende Pipa by George Scribner, oil painting



There once was a girl named Mandy,
Who could never choose a flavor of candy.
But whether lemon, lime, or peach,
It didn’t matter on a beach
Because there every flavor is sandy




Artwork: Sucker by Carl Grauer, oil painting


Ink Spots
The kindergarten class showed ambition
When they challenged their shadows to a competition.
They thought they had won;
Then, up came the sun.
To this day their hips are still a swishin’.


New York Night
There once was a man named Vick
Who was caught in a storm so typhonic
That the floods reached his ankles,
And the memory still rankles
That he picked the wrong day for a picnic

Artwork: New York Nights by Stanislav Sidorov, oil painting