Guest Post: New Year's Resolutions

Megan Peter went to my alma mater (New York University), but that’s not the only reason we brought her on to share her art expertise. Megan has developed a successful art consulting company and continues to spread her knowledge of art as we approach the new year. When she came up with the idea to match New Year resolutions with UGallery art, she was a shoo-in for our blog. Below is a post from Megan and five resolutions with corresponding art.

When looking to find art I always stress the importance of finding something you love and that’s meaningful to you.  Great art should move you, emotionally, and elicit a reaction through it’s color, composition or the concept.  Art can be an expression of beauty or a statement about who you are and what you love.  

The new year brings the opportunity for a fresh start and is a great reminder to revisit the promises you made to yourself and the resolutions to accomplish your goals moving forward.  If you are anything like me, having a strong visual is a great way to keep what’s important in mind.  Here’s a collection of resolution inspired art

1. Reconnect with an old friend.


Girlfriends Walking at the Getty Center by Warren Keating

2. Eat healthier foods.


Two Red & a Green by Peter Zambas

3. Do Something Joyful.


A Little Grace by Anna Williams

4.  Take another perspective.


Aerial Landscape I by Elliot Coatney

5. Kick Up Your Heels.


Lazy Days by Shari Cerney

Thanks so much, Megan! This is a great way to bring in 2013! Happy New Years.