Guest Curator: Stephen Searer of Office Snapshots

The UGallery office is filled with art. SURPRISE! We are lucky enough to be surrounded by art every single day (even at work). It makes coming into the office all the more enjoyable. Stephen Searer, the creator of Office Snapshots, knows the importance of a great work space, too. He believes good office design has the power to make a day better. That’s why he started Office Snapshots, a site dedicated to showing off the coolest office spaces. We brought Stephen on to curate a collection of office art so professional (and cool), you’ll actual want to go to work! Here are a few highlights from his curated collection:

Check out the rest of Stephen Searer’s Office Snapshots Collection here. If you decide to get a piece for above your desk and need more ideas for an office renovation, head over to Office Snapshots for the finishing touches.