Guest Blog: Christopher Patrick's Favorite Interior Designs with Art

We just love the work of designer Christopher Patrick of Christopher Patrick Interiors! That’s why we’ve brought him on to the blog to share some of his favorite art interiors with us! Check out his picks below.

As an interior designer I’m often asked to select artwork for my clients.  It’s a tough task considering that artwork can be so personal; but a challenge I’m willing to undertake.  I’m a firm believer in pairing works of art that you love with interiors that you love.  Not everything has to be matchy matchy.  Whether its traditional or contemporary, abstract or realism, photography or oil on canvas, artwork can make a space more engaging and dynamic.  I’ve chosen a few examples that explore different ways designers have added artwork to their spaces to create a cohesive look.

Victoria Hagan uses an over-scale photograph in sepia tones to compliment her tailored interior.  Anchored by a large velvet sofa, this piece of art becomes like a portal into a different world.

Jamie Drake has never been one to shy away from color, and this project is no different.  Using a collection of Gene Davis paintings to add even more color to an already bold entry hall, Drake has managed to turn an otherwise feature color into a “neutral” background color to set off the artwork.  I love the way he’s gathered this collection into two groups of three with a third group of four at the top; one more way to add drama to the space

Frank Roop added artwork in this space that compliments the interior’s overall color scheme.  The nature inspired color palette is only further enhanced by photographs of landscapes.   On such a graphic focal wall, Roop has paired out of focus photography to balance the crisp horizontal stripes.  In white frames and white matting these works of art are set apart from the colors on the wall.  It’s a perfect combination.

Sara Story has combined a graphic piece of art to compliment the bold nature of her interior.  The warm tones in the brick are repeated in the artwork which becomes a focal point over the sofa.

Don’t forget your kitchen!  I love adding artwork to kitchens, it makes them feel more like a living-room and less like a utilitarian-space.  Its a way of visually softening the space without adding tactile objects that can be ruined by the goings on in a kitchen.  Magdalena Keck has created a wonderful collage that does exactly that.  Using a monochromatic scheme as her backdrop, she softens the harshness of the space by adding visual interest in dramatic photography.

Be creative.  Jonathan Adler uses a multitude of mediums to add art to his space (and in a creative way to boot)!  Porcelain sculpture lamps add visual interest to the end tables.  Graphic pillows create a collage of color and pattern on the sofa.  Vintage glass bottles add color to an otherwise neutral space.  And the unusual placement of the paintings (in front of windows) add an unexpected twist to this space that becomes a foil to the traditionalism of the symmetrical space planning.

These rooms are incredible! Thanks for joining us today, Christopher!