Gift Ideas from Interior Designers

It’s that time of the year. The time when lists are being created to prepare for the holidays. What do I get Aunt Jo for hosting us? How do I get my house ready for family? At UGallery, we think these anxieties can be calmed with art. That’s why we caught up with our favorite design duo, Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice and Christopher Patrick of Christopher Patrick interiors, to help us create a two-fold gift idea list. This list will help you design your own home as well as gift your friends. Here are their picks to go above certain places in the home this holiday.

1. Above the kitchen table 

Abundance by Justin Wheeler, $100

2. Above the tub

Surrender by Joy McKinney, $100

3. Above the sofa

Eight by Jim Black, $2,700

4. Above the mantel

Triadic Union by Justin Simcik, $2,500

5. Above the make-up vanity

The Kiss by Sara Sisun, $450

6. Above the powder room toilet

Recollect by Cynthia Ligeros, $300

7. Above the shoe collection (in the master closet)

Evening Conversation by Gregor Hochmuth, $150

8. Above the bar

Diver by Daniel Lachman, $100

9. Above the desk

What Color is Flesh? by Al Jackson

10. Above anywhere

Seeing Red by Gregor Hochmuth, $225

Here is what Kaitlyn and Christopher had to say when it comes to picking art for certain spaces:

“If you’re looking for a perfect piece of art to fit over your dining table, don’t focus too much on choosing something that matches the activities that will occur in the room, but rather on a feeling or mood. Just like there’s no standard for living room design, there’s no standard for living room art. A common color or thread might be all you need to pull your space together. We always say choosing art is personal, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t be true when you’re trying to fill a specific space on a blank wall.”