Get to Know These 5 New Artists

Evening in Venice (12″ x 9″) by Oksana Johnson, oil painting

From neon signs, to ethereal abstracts, to blurred street scenes, the new artists joining UGallery bring their own styles and approaches to their art. We are overjoyed to introduce to you these 5 new artists: 

Introducing: Nava Lundy


With her textured surfaces from palette-knife work, blurred, yet evocative style, and interspersed glints of gold, Nava Lundy joins UGallery from Parkland, Florida. Throughout her portfolio, Nava blurs with recognizable subjects with a palpable dreaminess. Her work resists categorization, falling between abstraction and impressionism.

See Nava’s Portfolio.

Introducing: Oksana Johnson


Led by a reference for French and Russian Impressionism, an impeccable eye for casual beauty, and the harmonies of a soft color palate, Oksana Johnson’s portfolio is entrancing. While currently based in San Francisco, she grew up in Russia, visiting the museums that house the great masterpieces of the artistic tradition, and was instilled, from an early age, with a lifelong admiration for the fine arts.

See Oksana’s portfolio. 

Introducing: Morgan Fite


Morgan Fite is an abstract painter from Nashville, Tennessee. She brings a fresh breath of beauty to our gallery through feathery, softened forms that float across neutral, quiet backgrounds. Her inspirations span across the many aspects and materials of nature. Rocks, flowers, branches chime through her earthy and lovely color palette.

See Morgan’s portfolio.

Introducing: Nacho Frades


Lighting up the gallery with a thought-provoking electro-surrealism and a self-referential sense of humor, Spanish digital artist Nacho Frades translates traditional painting to the language of the digital age. Nacho has a background in oil painting that manifests through his use of light and shadow.  

See Nacho’s portfolio.

Introducing: Jodi Dann


“Acrylic is my medium. Abstract is my passion,” says Joid Dann of Beavercreek, Oregon. Her work exudes this passion in textured, spontaneous, hazily-associative compositions. Often juxtaposing glowing yellows, with dark tones, and occasional flares of red, Jodi offers an anchored balance in her paintings through her color choices.

See Jodi’s portfolio. 

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