From Where I Create ~ Timon Sloane


For this installment of From Where I Create, we’re taking you to the great outdoors! 

The many places where UGallery artists create their work might surprise you: especially when it comes to Timon Sloane.

The artist paints gorgeous portraits of nature in order to capture the “core beauty” of an outdoors scene. By visiting remote locations, he immerses himself in nature and brings that atmosphere to his work.

Timon tells us more about where he creates: 

I do almost all of my painting on location, and I love every minute of it. It often means getting up in the dark to be on location for daybreak, but my days out painting are just amazing. I’m drawn to water, so I spend much of my time on the California coast. I never tire of the beauty and majesty of the ocean, and I find the challenge of painting moving water endlessly invigorating.

Keep an eye out for the next installment!