From Where I Create ~ Piero Manrique


The dynamic works of Piero Manrique capture his whimsical imagination and knack for color combination. He works mainly with his fingers and pouring techniques, creating stunningly dynamic compositions.

The New York-based artist recently shared photos of his studio with us for our From Where I Create blog series. Piero’s space definitely influences his work: 

My studio is located high on a hill in Westchester County, NY. From this space I see the skyline of Manhattan and the many East River bridges in the distance to my right, the water of Long Island Sound in front of me, and acres of wood stretching out behind me and to my left. 

Situated in the woods, in sight of NYC, I am oftentimes inspired to explore the dynamic connection between urban life and the natural world. I also have a clear view of the sky and watch hawks soaring over the land. Every day, these views spark my imagination. My spirit is continually supplied with abundant ideas for new paintings.

Stay tuned for the next installment! 


Love this piece? See the finished work here.