From Where I Create ~ Nanci Erskine


Colorado-based artist Nanci Erskine rented quite a number of places to make her art in before deciding to create her studio in her basement.

As part of our From Where I Create blog series, Nanci shared photos of her space with us. She seems to find a place for everything: drawing, prints, new works and more. 

She explains more about her space: 

In the other part of our basement, I built racks to hold larger pieces. It all works pretty well, and gives me enough room to have several works in progress in various media going at once. They all end up informing each other, but I do need to resist the impulse to ping-pong back and forth between the walls. In a way, it’s like a perfectly laid out kitchen work triangle!

I love the harmony of the room and its creative spirit. What do you think of Nanci’s eclectic space?

Stay tuned for the next installment!