From Where I Create ~ Hang Nguyen


Emotional, organic and kinetic are the words that Hang Nguyen hopes to embody in her artwork. She finds inspiration in a number of sources and loves the vibrant character of San Francisco, where she lives.

For our From Where I Create series, she sent over a couple of photos of where she makes her work. She explains: 

Currently, I have a small home studio with three walls of windows, and a large work studio in the Mission. The place from where I create is less about physical surroundings and more about an emotional space, a ritual. It begins with blankness: a scraped down palette, a freshly gessoed canvas, an undistracted mind. My most creative space is boredom.

The Today Show recently featured Hang in a special segment. Her art is part of the Levi’s Stadium art collection. A big congrats, Hang! 

Keep your eyes on our blog for the next installment!