From Where I Create ~ Faye Vander Veer


With artists that live everywhere from New York to Russia, our original works of art come from a unique list of places! 

Even more special is the individual studios where our artists find their inspiration.

We asked our artists where they create their amazing works in a new blog series called From Where I Create. It’s our way of letting you see some behind-the-scenes action! 

We received some beautiful photos from Faye Van der Veer. The Virginia-based artist enjoys creating oil paintings about the human spirit. Many of her works depict passing moments in places everywhere from Paris to San Francisco. Check out what she has to say about her studio: 

I built this studio with the idea of what it would be like to “paint in a treehouse.” Even though I am not a landscape painter, I receive a tremendous amount of inspiration and peace from being surrounded by the harmony of nature. Listening to the gentle rain on the skylights provides the perfect background “music” for creating my cityscapes and interiors. 

What do you think about her unique studio? Let me know if the comments!