Eye on Interior Design: Traci Zeller


We love when UGallery shoppers really fall in love with a piece. Yet once it arrives each buyer has one question on his/her mind: where do I put it now?

For our blog series Eye on Interior Design, we picked the brains of interior designers for their expertise. With each post, we asked designers about how they decided to take this career path and what they recommend for decorating with art.

This week, we focus on Traci Zeller — an interior designer who actually bought a piece from UGallery! Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the designer knows just how to make a room both livable and beautiful. 

She’s been named one of Charlotte’s 25 Most Stylish People and has been featured in publications like The Nest, The Bump and South Park Magazine. Keep reading to find out more about her — and her design tips!

Tell us a little bit about what you do.

I create crisp, classic and highly functional interiors and products that make family-centered lives simpler and more stylish. It’s a dream job! 

When did you first get interested in interior design?

I’ve always been very conscious (some would say particular!) about my environment, even as a young child. Building my own custom home, however, is what crystalized that into a career.

I read that you try to come up with designs that are both beautiful and functional. What do you think is the biggest element in this approach?

“Beautiful and functional” is not an oxymoron! It’s all about making smart choices. If you have young children or pets, use durable, hard-working fabrics and products for those places that get the most wear and tear. Save the delicate and fragile pieces for the places that are out of reach. That being said, nothing in my house is hands-off. Instead, my twins have grown up around, and learned to respect, beautiful things.


What kind of art do you like?

I love modern, abstract art. Because my interiors lean traditional, art with a more contemporary feel provides a nice visual balance.

What’s your best piece of advice when it comes to decorating a home with art?

Please – pretty please — invest in art! No matter what the price tag, original art elevates your interior design and sets a gracious tone. Other than that, buy what you love and what truly moves you. Art is very personal, and what I respond to may not be what someone else loves.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I never, ever thought I would be a “boy mom,” but my twin boys (Henry and Charlie) are the lights of my life! I “get my girlie out” with my prissy Maltese dog (Coco) and my even more prissy goddaughter (Bailey). Although not related by blood, she is definitely my mini-me.

Stay tuned for the next interview!