Eye on Interior Design: Aga Artka


Interior designer Aga Artka admits that she can’t sit still for too long. Thankfully, she found an outlet for her energy and creativity in the form of design. She travels often and shares her adventures — and photos of beautiful places — on her blog

We caught up with Aga and asked her about her passion, current projects and the upcoming GO/PRO NYC event.  

Tell us a little bit about what you do. 

I tell stories with space. Everyone has a story. I like to find out what it is and express it through space. That’s how you get a unique environment whether commercial or residential. 

When did you first get interested in interior design?

I grew up around music, theater and art. I knew from a young age that I was destined to do something creative, something big. My mother’s interest in Feng Shui and an untrained but very skillful eye towards interior decoration were my introduction to the subject. Interior Design as a profession was a choice I made when selecting my major in college. It was a way to channel my creativity. I’m glad I went down this path. 

What kind of art do you like?

Genuine, personal, one that leaves room for interpretation and self-reflection. It’s not about the style for me, but the message. On the one hand I enjoy napkin sketched art as well as Henri Matisse. I dabble in art myself. A lot of the paintings in my house are my own.

What’s your best piece of advice when it comes to decorating a home with art? 

Location and lighting are the two most important considerations. The right size wall, the right height, the right wall… Pick the right spot. Then, make sure there is enough light focused on the piece. You can have the best art collection but nobody will care if they can’t see it. 

You will be a part of the GO PRO/NYC event happening soon. What are you most excited about?

Along with a colleague of mine, we were invited to join their speaker lineup. We are extremely passionate about the topic of personal branding, networking and strategic career development. We just finished writing a book about it, and are excited to be able to share some of that knowledge with the attendees of the GO PRO/NYC event.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I’m Polish – is that fun? I don’t dream in Polish anymore though. I also make T-shirts for creatives. Check out some of our designs