Eye on Interior Design: Ada Gonzalez

Nothing quite completes a room like an original work of art. We appreciate the people with a good eye who know how to make art shine in a beautiful room. For our Eye on Interior Design series, we highlight some talented interior designers to find out more about them and their expertise.

This week, we caught up with New York-based Ada Gonzalez of Ada’s Interior Design.

Read on to find out why she became an interior designer and what she does day-to-day. She also gave us some great tips for decorating with art! 

Tell us a little bit about what you do.

I illuminate clients’ personality and style within their homes through economical interior decorating throughout the USA. Clients often joke that I am like a psychiatrist getting them to open up and know themselves first, what they love or dislike and why, before I provide my consultations. Hmmm I guess I’m ½ designer ½ psychiatrist, and my prescription is for clients to take time to value what makes them happy. In order to have a home reflect what you love, you need to know what makes your heart smile. 

When did you first get interested in interior design?

My AHA moment was in 2005, sitting in an NYC train exhausted from another long day as a project manager for a product display design company. I was thinking about resigning, then a simple and powerful question came to mind, “What do you want to do?” Not, “what jobs are out there that I can apply for?” but instead an internal calling to look within myself to discover what I loved. The answer came quickly: I want to help people design their homes to make them happy. A few months later as a birthday present to myself, I resigned to study interior design full time and never looked back enjoying the view ahead.

What kind of art do you like?

I love the intimacy of photography art and the visual movements of abstract art. 

What’s your best piece of advice when it comes to decorating a home with art?

My #1 advice is to make sure you decorate with artwork that you love; to get an intimate feel-good-feeling connection every time you pass by the art, and not simply because it matches the color of your sofa. Also make sure the art size is proportional to the size of the wall and furnishings around it. Most of my clients want new art but don’t know what they like, mainly because they struggle with the thoughts that their choice may not aesthetically fit within their room.

My job is to first narrow down what type of art they truly enjoy looking at (cue in my psychiatry chaise), then find art that represents their style (instagram.com/ugallery is the perfect place for clients who are not sure what type of art they prefer, since they have a beautiful variety of mediums mixed together). And finally, narrow down the best art size for a particular area.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I have swam with sharks in the daytime and manta rays at night and they were both amazing! Hmm, is that more scary than fun? Ok, how about… I love flying in helicopters, seaplanes, and regular planes (my face is glued to the windows), but am scared of rollercoasters. Hmm, go figure. Maybe I need to sit in the chaise to analyze that one! 

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