Curated Persona: Your Snow Bunny Sister by Lesley Frenz of Artsy Forager

Happy 2013 UGallery followers!

Artsy Forager here again, missed you last month!  During the holiday craziness, I took a little Curated Persona hiatus, but I’m back and more excited than ever to share with you some of my favorite UGallery finds.

Mr. Forager and I are currently living in the California desert (Joshua Tree to be exact), so it hardly seems like winter to us and the little bit we had seems to be fading fast.  But for this month’s persona, Your Snow Bunny Sister, winter can never be long or cold enough! 

Your Snow Bunny Sister is that friend (and maybe actual sister), who, come October 1st is already pulling out her winter woolens and snow boots.  At the first sign of good powder, she’s hitting the slopes, making snow angels, and cozying up to the fire.  Her Aspen condo is filled to the brim with artwork reminding her of frosty days, so that even in the dead of summer, the sparkly call of snow is never too far away.

How about you, do you love or hate the snow?  If you love it, check out more of UGallery’s cold-weather art in their Winter Collection.  Wanna see more of the UGallery Snow Bunny-inspired work that I dug up?  Visit my Pinterest board, Curated Persona: Your Snow Bunny Sister.  See you next time!  Stop by and see what else I’m unearthing at Artsy Forager!