"Curated Persona: Your Favorite Hipster" by Lesley Frenz of Artsy Forager

It’s that time of the month, UGal pals! Lesley Frenz from Artsy Forager is here with a new curated persona. So, grab a Pabst Blue Ribbon and enjoy.

Hello UGallery followers!

I’m happy to continue bringing you my series for UGallery, Curated Persona! I’m back again this month with another installment of Curated Persona, bringing you a collection of UGallery work, curated with a specific personality in mind.

This month, we’re curating a collection for “Your Favorite Hipster”. We all have one in our lives, that ultra-cool, always ahead of the trends, too hip to follow anyone’s rules but his own. Your Favorite Hipster was biking to work and sporting a retro wardrobe long before it was cool. He’s that friend who introduces you to the best bands just before they hit it big. His taste in artwork is always thoughtful and humorous, with a sly disdain of popular culture.

Diver by Daniel Lachman

Let’s take a peek inside Your Favorite Hipster’s artistic universe…

If you’d like to see more artwork inspired by Your Favorite Hipster, visit my Pinterest board, Curated Persona: Your Favorite Hipster. Until next time, you can find me foraging for art and sharing my finds at Artsy Forager!