"Curated Persona: The Zombie Attack Survivalist" by Lesley Frenz of Artsy Forager

Just in case you aren’t in the Halloween spirit, here’s Lesley Frenz from Artsy Forager to get you zombiefied.

Hello UGallery followers!

Curated Persona is back! I’m here again this month with another installment of Curated Persona, bringing you a collection of UGallery work, curated with a specific personality in mind.

For October, the spookiest of months, I’ve put together a collection for The Zombie Attack Survivalist.  The ZAS regales their Facebook & Twitter feeds with tales of The Walking Dead.  Every conversation links back to zombies– who would win in a cage fight, Chuck Norris vs. a zombie, the presidential debate would be so much more interesting if they were zombies, and so on.  Halloween, of course, is the ZAS’s favorite holiday, but his take on scariness is more fun than creepy. His favorite artwork has a slightly spooky, off-centeredness to it. 

Let’s take a peek inside what might be on the walls of a Zombie Attack Survivalist..

If you’d like to see more slightly sinister artwork inspired by a Zombie Attack Survivalist, visit my Pinterest board, Curated Persona: Zombie Attack Survivalist.  Until next time, you can find me foraging for art and sharing my finds at Artsy Forager!