"Curated Persona: The Romantic Sophisticate" by Lesley Frenz of Artsy Forager

I’m so excited to present Lesley Frenz from Artsy Forager to you all! She has been such a sweetheart. She is a regular contributor to UGallery’s “Artful Rooms” Pinterest board and often forages UGallery to find art for her blog. I even had the chance to present Ryan Pickart to her readers as a guest blogger. Because she is so awesome (and has a keen eye for art), we wanted to give Lesley her own series on the UGallery blog. Her “Curated Personas” series will present collections for specific personality types. Here is the first post in the series. Let us know what you think:

Hello UGallery followers!

I’m so excited to begin my guest series for UGallery, Curated Persona.  In my days as an art consultant, I found that just like the clothes we wear, the music we listen to and the books we read, the art we surround ourselves with is a reflection of our unique personalities.  With each installment of Curated Persona, I’ll bring to you a collection of UGallery work, curated with a specific personality in mind.

For our first go ‘round, our “client” is The Romantic Sophisticate.  Let’s call her Delia. Delia is a Sarah Lawrence graduate, working at the New York Public Library.  On her days off you can find her roaming the Classics section of bookstores and sipping tea while reading the Brontes.  Her romantic spirit finds her especially drawn to artwork full of expression, emotion and visual poetry. 

So grab your Earl Grey and let’s have a peek at the UGallery artwork Delia might choose!

If you’d like to see more artwork inspired by Delia, visit my Pinterest board, Curated Persona: The Romantic Sophisticate.  Until next time, you can find me foraging for art and sharing my finds at Artsy Forager!