Curated Persona: The Hippie Chick Next Door by Lesley Frenz of Artsy Forager

Happy Spring UGallerists!

Artsy Forager here! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the newness that spring brings. Speaking of new.. howsabout a new Curated Persona?

If you follow the Artsy Forager blog, you know that Mr. Forager
and I have been living in the high desert of California for the last five months. Joshua Tree, California, to be exact, a tiny little enclave just outside the Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua Tree is a wonderfully tight knit community, filled with artsy folk and off-the-grid-ers. There is no shortage of peace lovin’, earth savin’, flowers in their hair wearin’ folks here and we adore them all! This month’s Curated Persona is inspired by Joshua Tree and The Hippie Chick Next Door. Maybe you don’t have your own hippie chick neighbor, but I bet you know and love someone whose personality radiates love and light and hope. Oh, and she always brings you samples of her latest vegan brownies! The Hippie Chick Next Door is all about peace and ideals and her taste in artwork reflects the positivity she projects.

Claudia by Rachel Lauren Ridgely

Peace #9 by Al Jackson

Green Wings by Mia Henry

Imagine by David Ballinger

The Infinity Tree by Kira Yustak

Want to see a little more inside the mind of that crazy lovely Hippie Chick Next Door? Check out more of my UGallery finds on my Pinterest board, Curated Persona: The Hippie Chick Next Door. Oh and stop by Artsy Forager to see my other creative foraging!