Curated Persona: GlobeTrotter by Lesley Franz of Artsy Forager

Hiya UGallery followers!

Artsy Forager here, bringing you another edition of the Curated Persona, my monthly feature for the blog here at UGallery.

Followers of my blog, Artsy Forager, know that Mr. Forager and I live a bit of a vagabond lifestyle, moving every three to six months as the hubster takes on new work assignments.  For most of our friends and family, our life seems like an insane adventure of constant travel.  But except for brief trips to Mexico, we’ve yet to travel outside the U.S. ( which must be remedied, stat! )

So needless to say, we’re rather envious of this month’s Curated Persona, The GlobeTrotter ( not the basketball-twirling kind.. ).  We all have this friend who seems to be constantly jetting to this place and that, posting beautiful photos on Facebook of exotic places and Instagramming every wonderfully strange foreign meal.  The GlobeTrotter takes photos galore while traveling, so when it comes to her art collection, she tends to pick up pieces that remind him of the places she’s been, memories not just of what those spots looked like, but how they felt and what the impressions left by each place.

Doesn’t The GlobeTrotter’s collection just make you want to hop on a plane?  Do a little more virtual jet-setting by visiting my Pinterest board, Curated Persona: The GlobeTrotter.  In the meantime, you can see what I’m finding in my own travels at Artsy Forager!