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Creating Calm

One of the benefits of art is its ability to put us in the moment. Admiring your artwork can enrich your experience of the work and even alter your mood in general. Artwork with softer tones and friendly subject matter, such as that in The Mindfulness Collection, can help us calm down and de-stress. Here are our favorite ways to make the most of your meditative artwork:

Set The Mood

Once you find the perfect place for your artwork, create the space around it. Consider all the senses with respect to the work. This is a great opportunity to be creative to find the right pairings for your piece. For example, if your artwork is purple or shows a lavender field, light a lavender scented candle to complement the experience. Music is another great way to enrich the experience of your work. Make a playlist for each work of art to convey the subtle differences of the work across your collections.

Get Comfortable

When you get a new work of art, it’s not just about finding a place for the art, it is about finding a place for you too. Put a comfortable chair with pillows and a blanket in view of your artwork. If you create a relaxed and enjoyable space, you will find yourself and your loved ones sitting near the artwork more.

Sketch Your Artwork

The creation process does not have to stop in the artist’s studio. One of the best ways to experience the artwork is to sketch it yourself. There is no need for fancy materials; a pen or pencil and printer paper work very well. Take some time to draw your art. There are no rules; you can draw the whole piece, a single element, or simply something represents the feelings you have when you are near the piece. This creative process will deepen your experience and your respect for the artistic process.

Write About Your Artwork

Language is a great medium for expressing the meaning behind your artwork. If you are feeling more analytical, you can discuss the formal qualities of the work with prompts like, how does the artist use color throughout the piece? or how does the style of the piece relate to the subject matter? If you are feeling more creative, you can switch up your style with prompts like, recount a memory that relates to this piece or, simply, write a poem. Like with sketching, there are no rules for this. Writing anything that comes to your mind is valuable as well.

See Your Artwork In Different Light

Take time to notice how the light changes the way that your piece looks throughout the day. As you compare the differences, you may notice things you had never seen before in your piece. There is often a remarkable difference in how artwork looks in morning light and candle light. The same is true for seasons and weather. If your artwork is someplace with natural lighting, we recommend looking at your piece right before a rainstorm.

Discover our collection of meditative artwork in The Mindfulness Collection.