Collector Spotlight: Shon Black, Expressing Unspoken Emotions

Shon Black posing with artwork by  Kira Yustak

Shon Black posing with artwork by Kira Yustak

Collections are remarkably peculiar things. They have almost no universally defining qualities; They can be of any size, shape, style, and composition. But, a collection, especially a collection of original art, has a warmth in personality and passion in curatorship that is unmistakable.   

When Shon Black purchased her home 3 years ago, she began her own art collection. The original art that she found on UGallery now fills her home with a potent sense of character, originality, and emotion.

Artwork by  Suren Nersisyan

Artwork by Suren Nersisyan

With the pressing demands of working life, she did not wish to run from place to place on the protracted hunt for the perfect piece of art. And so, with the aid and ease of online browsing, she could begin her collecting.

With a focus mainly on “up and coming” or emerging artists, she has purchased pieces from several different UGallery artists.

“UGallery’s diversity of artists both within the States and internationally and the new inventory kept me purchasing pieces,” says Shon.

Artwork by  Mitchell Freifeld

Throughout the past few years, she has expanded her collection. When selecting a piece, she looks for a the near-indistinguishable quality that “grabs her heart or emotions” – a force that typically expresses itself through modern, well-defined figurative artwork.

Artwork  Krzysztof Iwin  (above) and  Vahe Yeremyan  (below)

Artwork Krzysztof Iwin (above) and Vahe Yeremyan (below)

Describing herself as “logical [and] down-to-earth,” in the earliest stages of selecting a piece, she begins with determining the placement, size, and medium she is looking for.

But, from there, she entrusts any further guidance to her heart and emotions. Saying, “I don’t like to get too specific with colors, but instead follow where my heart takes me.”

Shon posing with artwork by  Malia Pettit

Shon posing with artwork by Malia Pettit

While she has a deep love for and attachment to all her UGallery pieces, she mentions two oil paintings, Hot Afternoon by Mitchell Freifeld and Janine, Freshman Year by Malia Pettit as two of her favorites.

Artwork by Hellenne Vermillion (left) and  Tomo Mori  (right)

Artwork by Hellenne Vermillion (left) and Tomo Mori (right)

“I’m just starting out myself but would advise someone to purchase art that resonates with them and not just a generic piece to fill a space.” She continues, “use the art to stretch yourself or express an emotion that you silently, internally have.”

Artwork by  Vahe Yeremyan

Artwork by Vahe Yeremyan

Special thanks to Shon Black for sharing her collection!