Collection Spotlight: The Winter Art Collection

The Winter Art Collection, with its cozy scenes, icy peaks, and snow-trodden trails, inspires the best aspects of winter. As days shorten and temperatures drop, explore the joys of winter from the comfort of the great indoors.

Here’s a look at a few artworks from our collection:

Five More Minutes   (36" x 24") by Nava Lundy, acrylic painting

Five More Minutes (36" x 24") by Nava Lundy, acrylic painting

Nava Lundy’s Five More Minutes, rekindles the feelings of a breathless anticipation felt by a child during the holidays. The painting shows two children (one imagines on holiday vacation, hungry for a snack after a demanding day of ice skating) with noses pressed against the oven door waiting for cookies to bake. Nava’s signature impressionism devotes itself to memory.  

First Frost by Charles Kacin is a celebration of the new textures that snow offers. The earth becomes, quite literally, a blank canvas for footprints, branches, and other natural imprints. This abstract artwork shows the textural quality of the first frost.

House Near Monyeuvre-Grand is a winter scene of eastern France. In this oil painting, winter takes on a painterly role, giving the subjects a special beauty inseparable from the season itself. The snow-covered roof expresses the beauty of winter while acknowledging its fleetingness. Here, winter is a condition applied to the subjects and is not its sole mode of existence.

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