Collection Spotlight: The Mindfulness Collection

The Mindfulness Collection offers an escape to a realm of soft tones and soothing scenes. Each work assuages daily stress by channeling art’s soft power to quiet the mind towards a state of blissful relaxation, deep contemplation, and transcendent inner peace.

We take a look at some of the different ways that art can inspire mindfulness with special analysis of artwork from The Mindfulness Collection.

Peaceful  (36” x 36”) by Sally Adams, acrylic painting

Peaceful (36” x 36”) by Sally Adams, acrylic painting

The seventeen birds stationed on the wire connecting the boundaries of Sally Adams’ painting Peaceful have an enviable tranquility and simplicity of life. The wire is set against sky-blue expanse in which a thin crescent moon hangs. Despite the minimalism in imagery, there is much to contemplate; the birds’ precarious position and the hanging moon, suggest balance and the cyclical nature of balance as themes in the painting.  

Having a sense only heightened by its name, Eternity slows time through its peaceful poetry and soothing tones. While the forms are dissolved into the backdrop, the suggestion of love and connection remains intact. The undulating lines and colors connect the entire composition in such a way that no one line or form dominates the painting. In this way, even the formal qualities project peace.

Kent Sullivan contributes to the longstanding relationship between peace and nature through his painting, Velvet Tree. Each tree is different; but, the gnarls and knots and bowed-ness increase their beauty. The natural world, which is simultaneously changing and steadfast, is a realm of contemplation and becomes a model for resilience.

Pratap Malla and Kichkanyas 01 is set in a dream-like state that evades the ordinary aches of daily life. The floating figures, hissing snakes, and blazoned colors, cause an intrigue closer to the realm of fantasy that engages the mind in new ways allowing the viewers to escape into otherworldly world.