Collection Spotlight: The Celebration Collection

The Celebration Collection began as a toast to UGallery’s 11th birthday when our curators designed a collection of energetic, celebratory, and joyful artwork to commemorate the special occassion. In this collection spotlight, we look at four of the stand-out artworks from the collection.  

Between the childhood sock monkey, diamond-quilted background, pillow-embroidered mantra, There Is Someone For Everyone stitches a folksy nostalgia that bears all the charms of a young, quirky romance. The two sock monkeys are, presumably, each other’s “someone” as suggested by their intersecting tails and shared full-body haloes. The monkeys confront the viewer with deadpan facial expressions, a widely acknowledge symptom of butterflies in the stomach.

In Chocolate Martini, Kathleen Giles serves up her own decadent cocktail of sheen and shine. The eye bounces around the bottles and barware, landing on the golden martini shaker, the composition’s focal point. The rich colors and sumptuous textures are a celebration of evenings filled with epicurean delights, like a chocolate martini.

Like any tic tac toe game, Tic Tac Dough has a lot on the line. Dwight Smith reignites the high-pressure situations found at elementary schools such as recess competitions and snack trading. He plays upon this familiar schoolyard theme with his own humor, such as dual-function chocolate chip cookies and the word-playful title. The viewer can back into the logic for a recap of the game and finish the rest of the game, choosing the victor (although, it appears “X’s” have no chance of winning).

Paletas is an eye-exciting abstract that celebrates imagination and the energy of art. The viewer’s gaze swirls around the colorful shapes, stopping only to spiral through circles or decipher the black lines that hover on the threshold of legibility.

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