Collection Spotlight: The California Artists Collection

Grounded #31  (6” x 6”) by Adam Nisenson, mixed-media artwork

Grounded #31 (6” x 6”) by Adam Nisenson, mixed-media artwork

Working in art studios in every corner of California, the artists featured in the Artists of California collection create artwork flavored by their home. From oil paintings of cityscapes to watercolors of native trees and flowers, the artworks show how a single beloved state can inspire in so many different ways.

Journey with us to the West Coast as Open Studios shines the spotlight on our California Artists. Here is a look at five artists in this collection:

Jay Wong from Simi Valley, California

Expressing the beauty of everyday life through his portfolio of soft oil paintings, Jay Wong captures the in a golden impressionism of his Californian surroundings. Using the yellows and gold paint to illuminate his compositions, he instills passing moments such as a beach trip between mother and daughter with grandeur.

Sidnea D’Amico from San Francisco, California

Sidnea works in a studio in the SOMA district of San Francisco, and is inspired by the energies that excite the city around her. Her compositions evoke all aspects of the city’s art, from the overt graffiti and street art to the abstract geometry of wires and buildings. The bright colors and dynamic lines express the artwork of San Francisco with a childlike exuberance.   

Jesse Aldana from Los Angeles, California

Jesse Aldana examines Los Angeles with a cinematic eye. With panoramic views, accurate details, and strategic angles, his cities recall movie sets. By removing people from his compositions, Jesse encourages the viewer to contrast the geometric buildings that remain fixed, with the shadows and clouds that constantly change.

Marie-Eve Champagne from San Marcos, California

With minimalist, color block backgrounds, Marie-Eve Champagne’s artwork celebrates the natural plant life of her surroundings. She illuminates the interesting relationship between vision and emotion by combining representational and abstract elements.

John Kilduff from Van Nuys, California

Working en plein air throughout California’s inspiring landscapes, John Kilduff paints vast vistas with an expressive, gestural style. His use of paint texture and dynamic colors hint at a playful simplicity in nature, where a single sweep of the brush could represent a long stretch of the beach.  

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