Collection Spotlight: The Bohemian Collection

Outfitted in beads and flowing clothes, our curators have created The Bohemian Collection. This laid-back, free-spirited, and eclectic artwork channels the free-thought and self-expression of the bohemian lifestyle.   

The bohemians forego materialism and society’s traditional values in pursuit of the arts. Through alternative lifestyles they became what is known as a “free-spirit,” because their transcendence outside of societal conventions.

The bohemian lifestyle first gained popularity through depictions in literature, opera, and visual art in the late 19th century. Since then, it has flourished as both a world view and an aesthetic. The lifestyle has hung its beads and tapestries in the counter culture scene of New York City, on the runways of fashion weeks, the beaches of Ibiza, the academic circles of Cambridge University, and in the literature of France, among other venues.

Our newest collection, The Bohemian Collection captures the eclectic free-thought, self-expression, and return to nature that shapes the Bohemian style.

Here are a few highlights from the collection:

Warrior  (40" x 30") by Miranda Gamel, oil painting

Warrior (40" x 30") by Miranda Gamel, oil painting