Cheers! — Art for Your Bar Cart

Photo courtesy of Lemon Stripes, photographed by Rebecca Dale

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of design bloggers giving advice on how to style a bar cart. The idea of creating a classy bar cart at home is definitely trending. It’s a great excuse for hosting happy hour at your place and showing off some of your best decor. 

A lot of carts also include an artwork or print to add some color. I took inspiration from this post by Julia at Lemon Stripes and picked out a few UGallery pieces that would look great above your bar cart. No matter your style, it’s always fun to play with decor and eye-catching art! 


Justin Wheeler, Still Life: Afternoon 

Joanne L Gallery, Cinnamon


Adam Garelick, City in a Glass

Ryan Pickart, Regina 


Bertrand Girard, Le Petit Blanc Sec

Justin Simcik, Mini Structures 9

Haydee Torres, Helena