Artist Tips from John Diehl and Krispen Spencer

At UGallery, we take the positive aspects of a physical gallery space and add the convenience of Internet. In order to highlight the differences between an online gallery and a brick-and-mortar one, we reached out to two UGallery artists to discuss their experiences working in both. Here are tips to artists that want to show art physically and online!

John Diehl says:

“For me the key is to always be looking for opportunities. With the Internet you can really search out places to show your work whether it’s online or offline.”

John also says the key to success is professionalism. And here’s a Diehl secret:

“Sign your work so everyone in the known universe can read it.” That means, make it legible!

Clearing 402 by John Diehl

Krispen Spencer says:

“[Brick-and-mortar galleries] that have survived economic ups and downs are still worth the effort…That said, I appreciate UGallery so much, and your gallery makes it so easy to sell the work…Working with UGallery gives me more time to paint!”

“My advice to artists looking to show their artwork online and offline would be to try online first and definitely to sell through UGallery. It’s also important to be as honest with UGallery as they are with their clients and artists.”

Deep Sea I by Krispen Spencer

Thanks so much for the tips, you guys! And for any artists out there interested in showing work on UGallery, visit our Artist FAQ and sign up. Go on, apply! We look forward to reviewing you work.