Artist Spotlight: Groovin’ with Anne Dosso-Powell

Born in New York and raised in Connecticut, Anne Dosso-Powell is the daughter of a jazz drummer and the granddaughter of a Radio City Music Hall conductor. The result: art and music have always been at the forefront of her academic and creative endeavors. Anne’s current body of work reflects her emotional journey through treatment and recovery of stage 3 lung cancer. It is an expression of the “gray area” within her at the time of diagnosis and treatment. 

Having just moved into a snazzy new studio space, we caught up with Anne for a few minutes to chat about painting abstracts, playing the piano and her favorite sale. Give it a read!


Walk us through creating a piece. What is your process like?

Usually I prep canvases with gesso to add extra body and texture to the surface. I turn on music to clear my head and then start mixing up colors and making a pallet or two. This ignites my creative process. For me, painting abstracts is the transfer of my emotion and energy to the canvas. This allows me to establish a visual connection through the colors and textures.

I am very physical with my work using scrapers, funky brushes, and other sharp objects that my parents would never let me play with! Some works will take a couple of weeks to let paint layers dry, and others are spontaneous and come together fairly quickly.


Zebra Dreams by Anne Dosso-Powell

What is the most challenging part about being an artist and how do you overcome it?

As an artist there are so many challenges divided into marketing oneself and “creating bodies of work.” For me, painting non-objectively can be quite the challenge: on some days work flows and on others it is a struggle funneling passion and purpose into a painting.

Training my brain not to completely rely on what I see is tricky, because the brain inevitably attaches memories to our visual experience. Perseverance, and having faith and gratitude is how I try to overcome obstacles. Did I mention I am a cancer survivor as well? (Three years this month!!!)


My Pond by Anne Dosso-Powell

Do you have any memorable stories with clients?

After a wonderful show at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, I got a call from a buyer who wanted to purchase a 40x40 oil painting called “Party of Koi?” It is an impressionist piece of nine koi fish circling about the canvas. She and her designer chose the painting because she frequently entertains at home. Her guests tend to gravitate to the kitchen, a newly renovated space with 14-foot ceilings. When I brought the piece to her home and hung it, the painting immediately became a “conversation piece” in that lovely space.


Two Koi in Love by Anne Dosso-Powell

Do you have any hidden talents?

Playing the piano is a strong passion of mine, and directly relates to my painting style. I am a daily player, if only to rip off a scale. Piano is a percussion instrument, and therefore rhythm and melody are words I use to describe my work. Listening to music while I paint ensures a clear mind so the real emotional interpretations can take place on the canvas.


Mind’s Eye by Anne Dosso-Powell

Tell me about your studio. What is your space like?

I recently moved into the Artisan Resource Center here Marietta, Georgia, which houses studio space for over 25 artists. I am finding great inspiration here to express myself and not be distracted by the outside world and interruptions of working at home.


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