Artist Spotlight: Autumn Rose Featured in MACK Collection!

UGallery artist Autumn Rose hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and is no stranger to the world of interior design. Not only was one of her pieces selected by notable design duo Tilton Fenwick and featured in The New York Times last year, she is now the centerpiece of our new partnership with MACK.

Afternoon Sonnet, Autumn Rose

The MACK team selected Afternoon Sonnet for their newest room launch - Orange Crush. MACK is an online shop that makes decorating a home effortless. Clients can browse rooms to find an aesthetic that they like and purchase individual pieces to recreate the look, or buy the whole room at a discount!

We love how the color in Autumn’s work pops against the white backdrop! This piece is available for sale on, along with other UGallery artwork that matches the room decor.

AUTUMN ROSE (Atlanta, Georgia)

Autumn finds inspiration in everything from the textures of fabric to the bold colors of Kandinsky. She paints in a free-spirited style with movement, big strokes, and lots of life. Autumn likes to say a piece isn’t done until it has a “wow factor.”

+ Favorite Cartoon Character: Foghorn Leghorn

+ Favorite Movie: Sense & Sensibility

+ Favorite Band: Beirut

+ Favorite Color: Red

+ Breakfast Of Choice: Poached eggs and toast

+ Collect Anything: Nope , I hate clutter :)