Artist Q&A: Gregor Hochmuth

After releasing UGallery’s summer catalog focused on our artists, we caught up with a few of our favorite photographers and painters to ask them a little bit more about their art. Throughout the week, tune in to hear from them. For our first artist, we caught up with Gregor Hochmuth (He is also taking over our Instagram account for a week! Check out which photographs of his we pick daily!) Read on below to find out more about him.

1. What is your favorite subject to photograph?

I love photographing everyday scenes that become unrecognizable in a specific framing or angle. People will often ask me, “What’s that?!” and when I tell them, they’re so surprised because they probably walked past a similar object or place recently but didn’t take note of it. It’s a nudge towards more curiosity in our world. Speaking less abstractly, I also love photographing shop windows, or reflections more broadly, in which I can twist the perception of what’s up or down, what’s mirrored, reflected, or “real”.

2. Do you have a favorite photograph that you’ve ever taken?

Oh! So hard to say! And I hope it changes often. I know that I’ve taken my most favorite collection of photos at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 - it was just such a stunning visual environment. But if I had to pick a single photograph of all, it’d be this timeless favorite, taken in Berlin:


Father & Son by Gregor Hochmuth
3. Has working at Instagram changed the way you take photographs?

Unlike any other medium for photography, Instagram rewards you with such instant feedback & appreciation from around the world. When taking photos outside of Instagram, it might take me weeks or months before anyone else would really see them and tell me what they think – with Instagram, someone from somewhere in the world will like a photo within seconds of me posting it. Moreover, it’s so easy to follow an infinite number of amazingly inspiring photographers through Instagram – I’m learning from their perspectives every day.