Artist of the Week: Sidonie Caron, The Focus

Coastal Memories (15.5″ x 32.5″) by Sidonie Caron,acrylic painting

For Sidonie Caron, artist of the week, making art is the focus of her life. 

Gregarious and curious by nature, she explores various media and subject matter, but always in sight of the same overall purpose.


Supermoon (20″ x 24″) by Sidonie Caron, acrylic painting

“I think my ‘style’ is recognizable in whatever subjects I choose to depict,” says Sidonie. “My aesthetic is to create something beautiful with some subtlety. Consequently, my enjoyment and challenges come with whatever I choose to paint; landscapes, seascapes, abstracts and so on.”


Beach Evening (24″ x 32″ ) by Sidonie Caron, acrylic painting

She is an artist based in Portland, Oregon. She categorizes several of her paintings in a collection called the “Visual Catalogue of Portland.”

Recently, Sidonie has been painting city scenes throughout Portland. She captures the images of her city’s historical homes.

“Sadly many of them have been demolished because of ‘gentrification’ or ‘progress’ which is a shame as I feel these are part of the history of the city of Portland,” says Sidonie.  


Arable Land (25.5″ x 30″) by Sidonie Caron, acrylic painting

Whether painting the historical relics of her city, the banks of a river, the ocean, or a mountainous scene, Sidonie maintains a signature style that unites a multiplicity of subject matter.  

The role of her brushstrokes in her compositions is wonderful and complicated.

In the backgrounds, they often, bear broadened sweeps that give widening impressions. Yet, in the fore- and mid-grounds, her strokes appear as if they have a casual knack for capturing detail precisely and pristinely.


Hardstem Brushes (48″ x 72″) by Sidonie Caron, acrylic painting

The contrast between the clouds in the sky and the reeds on the riverbank in the painting, Hardstem Brushes, illuminates this dexterous brushwork.

In this way, Sidonie’s detailed foregrounds and sweeping backgrounds enact a perspectival tidalism; where, the eye ebbs and flows in and out of wide and narrow focus.

See Sidonie’s full portfolio.