Artist of the Week: Ross Lipson, An Adventurer’s Photographic Pursuit


“I am addicted to the road,” says Ross Lipson. 

He has driven across the United States 8 times in the past two years. And in one year alone, he typically drives nearly 60,000 miles in his truck.

He loves the road – traveling, hiking, camping, shooting photos – and does not fear its unpredictable adventure.


Top of the Mountain Ya!

Once, while driving in Death Valley National Park, he and his wife popped and shredded a tire; They walked for 8 hours in 115 degree weather and 35 miles of isolation, in dauntless pursuit of shooting sailing stones at the Racetrack in the park.

Through collaboration, a trusty spare, and creativity, the two managed to change the tire and set out on a 2 mph creep through the desert back to civilization.

“We are not the type to say no to adventure,” he says.  


Punchbowl Falls 

Lipson – a Bend, Oregon based landscape photographer – often captures his stunning images through his travels, like adventurer’s souvenirs.  

One of the most characteristic characteristics of Lipson’s photographs is the vibrant color. From rich, pre-rain green to soft, sunsetting purples, the color gives his photographs evanescence.


Silence is Golden

“I try to pass along energy and power through my photos…I always want the viewer to feel something more from my photos,” he says.

Photography is Lipson’s mode of self-expression.

“There is a lot going on in this world, and feelings and thoughts may not be consistent; however, whenever I find myself in nature, watching a sun set or rise, water fall, or a river run by, I always feel the same. I feel calm, grateful and alive,” he says.

See more of Ross Lipson’s work on UGallery, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.