Artist of the Week: Mario Sughi

Mario “nerosunero” Sughi is a printmaking maven. We selected him to release our first limited edition print of the year. The new print, “Blue and Cream,” is a minimalist approach to narrative and composition. He says, “my intention with this work is to reach a very minimalist composition where the narrative dissolves as well as the figures, the landscapes, the profile of the buildings on the background, into the blue of the sea, the blue of the sky, the cream of the earth.” Read on to find out what inspires Mario and why he goes by the pseudonym nerosunero!

What is your earliest art memory?
Painting at the age of 5 in my father’s studio. I say painting and not pretending to paint because at that age you don’t see the difference.

Who and what inspires you?
Alex Katz, Francis Bacon, Richard Diebenkorn, Picasso, Milan Kundera (Novelist),
Fairfield Porter, Wayne Thiebaud, Duane Hanson, Alberto Sughi (my father), Giotto,
Thomas Ehretsmann, Andreas Gefe, Brian Calvin, Emiliano Ponzi, Anita Kunz, Koudelka
(Photographer), Kafka (Novelist), David Hockney.

What is your favorite piece on your UGallery portfolio?
They are all nice! But “At the New Art Gallery” is the dearest to me.

What is one word to describe your art?
Not easy. Possibly meaningless and playful, as a pleasant walk, as an empty room, an empty afternoon.

For fun, how did you get the nickname “nerosunero”?
Nero su Nero, meaning Black on Black, is a collection of essays by Italian novelist Leonardo Sciascia published in 1979. Later on Sciascia explained that the title Nero su Nero signified the black of the writing (the black ink) on the black page of reality. A beautiful image revealed by a great metaphoric title!