Artist of the Week: Kimia Kline

Artist of the Week Kimia Kline is a busy little bee. At the end of last year, she was featured by soul pancake for her paintings on memory. This year, Kimia is participating in a feature length movie, Headspace. Her recent move to New York City has bolstered her career and we know she will skyrocket once she settles in. We caught up with Kimia to learn about her current participation in Headspace and her art in general. Read on below to learn more.


What is your earliest art memory?

My mom painted a giant mural on my walls when I was 3. I remember watching her paint and being so in love with all the colors and the whole process.

Who and what inspires you?

Living in New York is a huge inspiration for me. The energy of the city plus being surrounded by so many other creative people always keeps me on my toes.

What is your favorite piece on your UGallery portfolio?

“They Will Know Us” is definitely my favorite piece. I love the color palette and the moodiness the shadows and composition evoke.

What is one word to describe your art? Figurative

You art is being featured in a new film! Can you tell us a little bit about your experience shooting for Headspace? What is the number one parallel you see between painting and film?

What I love most about the process of making work for a movie, is that the paintings really sort of end up being characters in the film. To start, I was contacted by the writer/director, who saw my work and thought thematically and stylistically it would be a good fit for the movie. Then we collaborated alongside the main actress in a photoshoot to create photos to paint from. I loved reading the screenplay and working with the director and actress in coming up with compositions that would capture the emotion required for the specific scenes. The most obvious parallel I see between painting and film is the narrative quality, the story telling aspect. And then of course, within paintings you can always pack in a lot of drama, as you can in film. In this case, I feel like the film is encapsulated within the painting, and the painting is encapsulated by the film.

For fun, what is your favorite movie that deals with art or an artist’s life?

I love Frida. And also the entire Art 21 series–especially the episode on Sally Mann.