Artist Of The Week: Johnny Karwan, More Than Flowers

Tiger Lillies Landscape  (24" x 18") by Johnny Karwan, acrylic painting

Tiger Lillies Landscape (24" x 18") by Johnny Karwan, acrylic painting

When analyzing binary oppositions and the outcomes of two mutually exclusive terms, the standard and most efficient practice is the coin toss. However, in the matters that are more sensitive than the starting positions of a sporting event or an impromptu wager, there is an alternative: flower petal plucking.

When the protagonist of a drama is potentially hovering over the abyss of unrequited love, the standard tropes suggest that he or she will pluck the petals from a flower – usually a daisy – to determine whether another character loves him or her (eg. “he loves me, he loves me not”). So much depends on the parity of the number of petals on a randomly selected flower.

Any object empowered as the primary method of divination for matters of the heart is an object worth studying – or, devoting a portfolio to it. Because of this status, flowers have an implied mysticism and are a source of endless fascination. Artist of the Week Johnny Karwan’s portfolio of stylized flowers set against hazy, sepia-toned landscapes recognizes the extent to which human beings rely on flowers. These tiger lilies, magnolias and hibiscus are more than mere vegetation; they are emblems of the long-standing relationship between flowers and uncertainty.

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