Artist of the Week: George Peebles, Perceptions

George Peebles in his studio

George Peebles in his studio

George Peebles is an oil painter from Grands Rapid, Michigan whose perspective on the world express itself through contemporary, colorful landscapes and abstracts. His perspective is not one of convention. He is colorblind.  

When George Peebles was studying art at Kendall College of Fine Art and Design, he was unaware of his colorblindness. Later, when he worked at a local hospital and the state had a colorblindness test for all employees, he failed the test. His perception of colors is different from that of others. And this perception has shaped George as an artist.

“I believ the color patterns and shapes help my painting due to being colorblind. Being color blind allows me to see different patterns and combinations,” says George.

Much of the internal complexity of George’s landscapes is laid out in the hazy, yet brilliantly colored leaves always central on the horizon line. At their core, the leaves smolder into rich, deep hues. And, at their edges, the leaves dissolve into powdery colors. The composition tightens into increasingly concentrated depths of color to reflect both the poignant strength and impalpable illusiveness of a memory.

This connection to memory reflects George’s painting process. He paints his landscapes from memory and each one is entwined with inner, unexpressed emotions. His choice of natural subject matter suggests that nature exists as a force inside of us and a visual anchor of our memories.

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