Artist of the Week: Doug Lawler

Doug Lawler, exotics-extraordinaire and Bay Area native, is our Artist of the Week. While living in the tropics of Hawaii, Doug discovered his love for painting. Following the whims of his romantic heart, Doug moved from the island to San Francisco in the sixties. In San Francisco, he established himself as an innovative and socially-minded artist and art conservationist. His work stems from travels in Mexico and Spain and represents the primitive artifacts connected to our past. We caught up with Doug to ask him a few questions about his art. Read on below to see what he has to say!

What is one word to described you art?Fun

How do your etchings differ from your paintings, not just in material. but in theme? With my oil pastels, the emphasis is on color. The nature of dry point etchings is to create something with lines and tone, so the emphasis is on contrast. The use of shadows, conflicting shapes, and depth perception are developed into ideas.

Whats your favorite piece on your UGallery portfolio? My favorite etching is “Magnificent Chemicals” but my most popular by far is “Big Dog”

What tips would you share with fellow artists? Don’t give up!

What are you currently working on? A series of oils called “The Human Tribe.”

For fun, what was your favorite place to travel? Mexico. I love the tribal connections in its art and culture.

Awesome. We love your work Doug! Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us a little bit more about your art!