Artist of the Week: Arturas Braziunas, A Woman Walks into an Artist’s Studio…


A woman walks into an artist’s studio and asks for a portrait.

“You know I try painting people,” the artist says, “they just always end up as sheep.”

(Line break for laughter)

This was a real (granted, slightly adapted for a pseudo-punchline) exchange between a woman and our Artist of The Week, Arturas Braziunas.  

Between his anthropomorphized barn animals, his unifying yellow haze, and tongue-in-cheek titles, Braziunas, has claimed his own comedy corner of the art world – a space which he dubs “Romantic Surrealism Representative” art.

“I create not only an image on the canvas but also a small story. Very often the story is ironic or humoristic,” he says


The Bodyguard 

The titles of these Braziunas stories are often catchy and ironic.

Take (with a recommended grain of salt), The Bodyguard. The painting features a scarecrow, fashioned out of two wooden planks, standing vigilantly on guard in a tattered, yellow robe.

Or, look at I’m Too Late, a portrait of a young romantic as a hapless sheep. The combination of apologetic eyes and dried up rose captures the hilarious irony familiar to any lovesick human.

On I’m Too Late the artist says, “the ending of the story depends of the viewer. Captions, to me, are very important; they are like a key, which I give to the viewer. It’s like the first impulse.”

So you decide, is it too late?


I’m Too Late

Braziunas, a Lithuanian artist, classifies himself as a part of a generation that experienced a national cathartic release of creative energy after years of rigid government occupation and censorship.

“My worldview was formed in the fracture, at a time when the regime changed. I remember that period…the time of idealism, faith in something good and bright” he says.

He attributes the naiveté, romanticism, and bright cleanliness of his paintings to this shifting political state.

He describes his aim as an artist: “I transform reality, creating a unique and artistic world that interacts animals, nature and things.”

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