Artist in Focus Update: Kate Fauvell

We decided to catch up with Kate Fauvell, UGallery’s art advocate. She answers some of our questions in order to fill us in with the progress of her 1.1 project and her summer. In case you haven’t heard of her 1.1 Project, check out this post from last year. If you are familiar, read on for a quick update!

What are you up to these days?
I have been spending the summer in upstate New York, getting an escape from the NYC working in a barn that has been converted to a very large studio space. This summer I was selected as one of the artist to be a part of the Bearden 100. You can see my work here.

How’s your 1.1 project going?
I am currently working on a new series called “We are all Teenagers.” It is a mixed media installation project involving painting, video, sound, photography and sculpture.
It is a mini project within my 1.1 project exposing stereo types we have about teenagers growing up in Brooklyn, NYC.

As far as 1.1 goes, this year so far I have worked with kids from 18 schools to represent over 20,000 NYC public school children though many different media. The school year culminated in June with a Mural representing kids from 5 different Junior HIgh Schools and a show at BRIC’s Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn.

What are you excited about for fall?
For the fall I am looking forward to starting the video documentary part of “We Are All Teenagers.” It will be following the lives of 6 NYC High School Students. I will be painting lots and passing on 1.1 to many eager artists and students. I will act as producer of 1.1 while working on the “We are all Teenagers” part of it. I am also looking forward to participating in several group shows this fall. I am excited to get back to Brooklyn and into the cool fall air and to be a large part of this falls new art season.
You can keep updated on my 1.1 project on my blog.

Awesome! Well, there is no doubt that you are doing awesome things, Kate. Thanks so much for the update and I hope fall treats you well!