Artist in Focus Part 2: Piero Manrique

You may recall Piero Manrique’s video from way back! Since then, Piero has been painting away. Even though the video from the previous post is amazing, I thought it would be nice to get Piero to answer a few of UGallery’s traditional Artist in Focus questions. Here’s what he had to say.

What’s your earliest art memory?
I grew up in Lima. In elementary school, we were often asked to write an essay regarding the history of Peru. I usually illustrated mine with imagined scenes of Inca Indians and Peruvian war heroes. Peru is an eclectic culture and everywhere people dress in bright, dynamic colors.  So I used lots of different colored pencils to draw my pictures for class.
How does your architecture background influence your current work?
I was extremely fortunate to study architecture at Parsons. It’s a great design school.  The professors pushed me to to go beyond the ordinary in juxtaposing design elements. They got me to realize the energy that innovative design can produce. Before I went to Parsons, my paintings and drawings were representational, extremely detailed depictions of landscapes and still lives. While at Parsons, I moved into abstract, conceptual painting emphasizing dynamic movement.



What’s one word to describe your art?
What’s your favorite piece of art in your UGallery portfolio?
“Children” I like the thick layers of paint and the complex composition of this work.  Every time I look at it, I see something different.

What advice do you have for other artists?
Create from your heart and don’t let anyone stop you.
For fun, what do you think is the coolest thing in nature?
The energy that connects all things.