Artist in Focus: Michael Busch

This week, we’ll been focusing on photographer Michael Busch who specializes in seascapes, landscapes and long exposures. We love his pieces that exude a sense of warmth even in the coldest places, as well as the fact that his favorite breakfast is the ‘western omelet’ (how could you not love a good omelet?).

Great South Bay Reflections by Michael Busch

We sat down with Michael to ask him a few questions about his work, inspiration, and what drives him to get that perfect shot.

What is your earliest artful memory?

I was born in Hawaii and remember leaving there for good at the age of 2, watching Hawaii drift away from the stern of a cruise ship.   My parents think I imagined it but the image is burned into my brain.   I have always been drawn to the water and I think that first mental image has translated into my inspiration to be near the water and capture it with my camera.

What is your favorite photo on your UGallery portfolio?

It would have to be Wind Blown Snow, Sand, and Surf on Fire Island (shown below).  


Wind Blown Snow, Sand, and Surf on Fire Island by Michael Busch

The reason I like the picture is it combines all the extremes of winter in one image.  This was taken on an extremely cold and windy day with wind chills well below zero.  I had to deal with sand and blowing snow and had difficulty holding the camera steady. That being said, if you ask me the same question next week I am sure I will have a new favorite.  Every day is a new opportunity.

What/where would you say is your greatest source of inspiration?

I took my first long exposure photograph a little over two years ago.  Once I was able to see the passage of time in a photograph and all the avenues that could open up, I was hooked.


Atlantic Ocean Blur by Michael Busch

What is the best piece of artistic advice that was ever given to you?

I haven’t gotten any artistic advice at all except that photography is a commodity and everyone has a camera.  I don’t necessarily believe that, so advice like that has driven me to work harder and try to improve every day. 

Are there any other artists/photographers that inspire you or that you try to emulate?

 No particular artist comes to mind, there are too many to mention.  I follow a lot of photographers via Facebook and 500px.  I am fascinated by how the Internet has brought people from all over the world together with common interests.  My Facebook page has reached over 100,000 people in over 40 countries and 40 languages in the last 30 days.  That blows my mind!  I also have made friends with photographers from places Like Iceland, Australia, and India. 


Manhattan 9-11-13 by Michael Busch

How do you know when one of your pieces is finished?

I am fascinated by what drives people to not only like a photo but feel the urge to purchase a framed print.   I get a lot of satisfaction knowing someone likes an image enough to put it in their home or business.   In fact, I never know if a shot is good or not until I am able to print it.  That final hard image is so much more impressive than a digital image on a computer screen.  That is when it is finished.

What is your most important artistic/photographic tool (whether it be physical or mental)?

I would say my most important artistic/photographic tool is the mindset of always looking for the next shot. 

What is it exactly that you want to say with your photos?

I hope my photos communicate my love of the outdoors and perhaps bring back memories for those that have moved away from the water.


Snowy Owl on Fire Island by Michael Busch

Michael Busch’s photographs will be featured on our ‘photo-a-day’ contest, launching at 1:45 pm PST on Saturday (Feb. 8) on our Pinterest page, here.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Michael!