Artist in Focus: Mary Pratt

                                   Mary Pratt - Meadow Geisha, 2013

When it comes to the paintings of Mary Pratt, this Atlanta-based artist finds it crucial that, “the viewer’s emotional response is enhanced and that one may find through observance of the piece, an alternative way of understanding the subject matter.”  Clearly, Mary has been successful in accomplishing this goal as she recently was named one of UGallery’s Top 20 Artists of 2013.  We recently got in touch with Mary to learn more about her inspirations.  Read more below.    

What is your earliest art memory? 

In kindergarten, my classmates would ask me to draw for them. I remember knowing at a very early age that my path was clearly to express life through art. 

Who and what inspires you? 

People, life and nature inspire me. Inspiration comes when I am not looking.

What is one word to describe your art? 


What is your favorite piece in your UGallery portfolio? 

“ Geisha Dream" 

                                        Mary Pratt - Geisha Dream

What do you want people to know about your art? 

If, by observing my art, the viewer feels emotion, then I have done my job well.

Do you find any different inspiration during the Holiday season? 

The holiday season tends to divert me from painting.

Do you keep an eye on any other UGallery artists? If so, who is your favorite?   

Tricia May, Alan Taylor Jeffries, Gloria Blatt, Kate Fauvell. Melissa Mason is my favorite. I love the gestural quality of her horse images. 

                                  Melissa Mason- Paint Stud I, 2013
8. For fun, coffee or tea?