Artist in Focus: Maria Plotnikova

With the Olympics in full swing, we naturally gravitated towards the work of photographer Maria Plotnikova. 

Born in Moscow, Russia, she focuses specifically on sports photography and has photographed professional for Russian media outlets. The artist also boasts a number of awards for her work, including a finalist award in the Moscow Festival of Street Photography. 

She especially loves capturing unique moments that only the camera can freeze in time. In this sense, the visual elements of the photograph are more important than just purely relaying information. 


Braking, 2009 

She finds inspiration in the work of Gueorgui Pinkhassov and hopes that viewers find visual delight in each photograph she takes.

Maria made it her goal to photograph the Sochi 2014 Olympics — and it came true. You can follower her Instagram account here and see her Olympics photographs through this account.

Next, she hopes to photograph the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. 


Sochi Winter, 2013

This Saturday, we are giving away one of Maria’s photographs. Visit our Pinterest photography board this Saturday, February 15 around 11 a.m. PST for more details. 

Imagine bragging to all your friends that you own a piece by a Sochi photographer! 


Beach Soccer, 2010