Artist in Focus: Leslie Morgan


Dog Behind, 2009

Leslie Morgan was raised in the middle of a Texas desert, 600 miles away from the nearest ocean. As a kid she lived for trips to the public pool and dreamed of “tropical islands, pirate boats and sea creatures.” Her work works reflects her longing for a cooler, more forgiving nature — environments that delicately and weightlessly ebb and flow. 

Keep reading to learn more about Leslie and today’s photography giveaway! 

What is your earliest art/photography memory? 

My mom making us stay still at every significant family event to take our picture.

What is your favorite piece in your UGallery portfolio?

I love my photos taken from the bottom of swimming pools with blurry palm trees.

What/where would you say is your greatest source of inspiration?

Being in the water with filtered sunlight.

What is the best piece of advice that was given to you in terms of photography?

Take lots of shots, which was really expensive with black and white film and doing your own developing and printing. Not so much now with digital! 


Underwater Umbrella, 2009

Are there any other photographers/artists that inspire you or that you try to emulate?

I still love Imogene Cunningham because she was the first woman photographer I ever heard of, besides my mom. 

What is your most important photography tool (whether it be physical or mental)?

My underwater camera and my extended breath control. 

What is it exactly that you want to say with your photographs?

I love to give people the sense of being submerged even if they aren’t swimmers. 

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