Artist in Focus: Kate Lewis

Kate Lewis is an interior designer at heart. Her paintings are proof of her spatial savvy; they would make the perfect addition to any room begging for new art. Kate gathers inspiration from design magazines, blogs, and her own home to create delicate paintings layered with fluidity and freedom.  She switches between watercolors and acrylics in order to capture the right texture for the right space. By painting patterns, rooms, walls, furniture, and interiors, she succeeds in replicating modern trends in the design world. Kate is the ultimate interior design painter because, like an interior designer, her details are always well-thought out and perfectly executed.

What is your earliest art memory?
In elementary school, I was chosen along with my friend, Jon, to create the backdrop for the school play. It was about robots on a farm. I remember drawing huge farm scenes and making robot costumes out of cardboard.

Who and what inspires you?
People who follow their passion and love what they do; my husband and family. My 5-year-old daughter, Sadie, has given me the most inspiration lately. She is all about discovery and experimenting. Right now, she’s super into cutting paper into tiny pieces. She is kind of obsessed with it. I love it.

I’m also very inspired by unexpected combinations of colors and patterns. I love Anna Spiro, Celerie Kemble, and Lulu DK!!!

Do you have a favorite painting on your UGallery portfolio?
Yes! My favorite is Dreaming of You. I love the blocks of color paired with the pattern in the chandelier and bed cover. I also enjoy it’s many, many layers. I worked on this painting for almost a year. It has almost 10 paintings underneath it. You can see them on my blog.

What is one word to describe your art? Fresh

What do you want people to know about your art?
It’s about playing with what’s “of the moment” in interior design- what colors and patterns, chairs, rugs, etc are hot right now. I’m fascinated with trends and delight in putting my spin on what’s happening in the world of design.

For fun, what’s your favorite interior space in your home?
My studio, of course. It’s a converted attic turned studio/playroom equipped with easels for painting large canvases, table for my smaller watercolors, desk, cardboard playhouse, dollhouse, blocks, trains and most importantly, 2 swings and a trapeze bar. It’s a creative play space for all of us! (You can check out a tour of Kate Lewis’ home on Design Mom to see more)