Artist in Focus: Julia Mehoke


Sunrise over Midtown

If you live in New York, you might recognize some of the scenes that photographer Julia Mehoke captures. Through her photography, she hopes to give people unique snapshots of the city through. We caught up with the photographer and she shared her favorite photography quote from Arthur “Weegee” Fellig, her first photography experience and more.

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What is your earliest art/photography memory?

When I was little, my parents gave me a disposable camera on a family vacation to Lake Tahoe and I spent the whole trip taking pictures of clouds and the backs of people’s heads.

What is your favorite piece in your UGallery portfolio?

My greatest inspiration is living in New York City, which is just beautiful and interesting anywhere you look. 

What is the best piece of advice that was given to you in terms of photography?

The best piece of photography advice I’ve ever heard is to always get closer in to your subject.

Queensboro Plaza

Are there any other photographers/artists that inspire you or that you try to emulate?

Not particularly, but I have always liked the Arthur “Weegee” Fellig quote “f/8 and be there.” It’s applied more to street photography and photojournalism, but I think it summarizes nicely that the best photography, in my opinion, is about being there, paying attention, to all the details around you, and capturing a piece of it.

What is your most important photography tool (whether it be physical or mental)?

The most important photography tool for me — and the one that’s often the hardest — is taking the time to wander around to see new places, or familiar places from a new angle.

What is it exactly that you want to say with your photographs?

I’m trying to convey the feeling associated with being in a certain place, and maybe help others experience New York the way I see it. 

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